Congratulate Someone on an Achievement?


Congratulating someone on an achievement for their hard work in school or on the job can be done by sending a card or a small gift. To congratulate means to give praise. Small gifts that commemorate the occasion can be gift cards, an engraved item, or flowers. Congratulating someone makes them feel special and most of the time the person will remember who were the people that offered praise to them. This is a great way to boost someones self confidence.
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1. Send a congratulatory card or email immediately if you won't be seeing the recipient in person for awhile. Write a heartfelt letter that details your history together and your
1. Bring up the accomplishment. Don't skirt around the issue when there's something to celebrate! Mention the reason that congratulations are in order right off the bat. If you want
a simple "good job" should suffice, though IMO any achievement, mediocre or not is still an achievement, you should not belittle it by calling it mediocre.
You can send a card to the couple, a present or gift voucher, flowers to the lucky lady perhaps??? or a request on the local radio for the couple is another nice thought. When I got
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