What are the Congressional districts by zip code?


Congressional districts are made up of 435 total districts. They are separated by zip code demographically. Persons in the same zip code may have different congressional representatives because of the size of the area they live in. For example, those living in zip code 90210, which is in Southern California, have three different congressional districts with three different representatives. One can find their representative by going to the US House of Representatives website and entering in their zip code.
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Each Congressional district contains dozens of zip codes, as Congressional districts hold approximately 650,000 people, while ZIP codes cover 50,000 or so (just an estimate) In addition
Multiple congressional districts fall within that ZIP code.
A good question! The answers can be found in these two blog posts: http://sunlightlabs.com/b. log/201. http://sunlightlabs.com/b. log/201. But in short: the new shapefiles aren't
13th congressional district.
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