How do you connect copper pipes to galvanized pipes?


It is easy to connect copper galvanized pipe, you simply require plumbing tools like a dielectric fitting, a pipe wrench, hacksaw for cutting the pipe to fit, some pipe tape or pipe thread compound to cover the thread. Then use the wrench and get the spurred piece from the threads, connect the pipes and coat all the threads with tape or pipe compound and screw them together by tightening up the fitting with your wrench.
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1. Unscrew the dielectric union's central holding nut to disassemble union into its copper and steel section, as well as the rubber gasket. 2. Wrap white sealing tape clockwise around
Electrolytic action and if the galvanized is connected to Yellow Brass as opposed to Red Brass you have dezincification.
If you connect copper to galvanized directly, the galvanized will 'not be happy'. It will rot the steel over a period of time - a year or so. Use a 6" brass or stainless steel
Hi Marc, You have city water but your pressures not good enough, you have pvc pipe which is good, so the restriction in pipe should be minimal, I think your going to have to install
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How to Connect Copper Galvanized Pipe
When two different metal pipes are joined together, electrolysis -- oxidation caused through the flow of low level electricity -- can occur. To stop this, a dielectric union is installed between the two different pipes. Half of the union is steel, the... More »
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