Consequences of Second Offense Shoplifting?


The consequences of second offense shoplifting can vary by state and by the value of the item or items being shoplifted. In general, a second offence will be charged with a misdemeanor and may have to serve jail time, community service or pay a fine. Second offense shoplifters may also be sentenced to counseling to help with their need to steal items. After the third offense of shoplifting, a judge may decide to enforce the maximum sentence they see fit.
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Shoplifting can be Petit Theft or Grand Larceny and penalties
The consequence is license restriction for life and a 12 to 15 thousand dollar fine.
It all depends on what the article was worth. Sometimes you can get off with a warning which nowadays is enough for most people if they put the fear of god in you to wind up in jail
Because Law Enforcement was not involved in the incident, you will not be going to juvenile detention. However even though no criminal charges were brought against you, the store
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The penalty for second offense shoplifting varies depending on where in the world that you are. Some states in the US recommend jail time for a second offense ...
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