Constant Tickle in My Throat?


Having a constant tickle in the throat can be caused by allergies. Taking allergy medication can get rid of the tickle in the throat. Home remedies such as gargling salt water or a teaspoon of honey helps too.
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1. Drink tea with honey. When you have a constant tickle in your throat, drinking tea mixed with honey will coat and soothe your throat. The tea adds moisture to dry tissues and the
I find that sugar aggravates my sore throats. Occasionally, it irritates even when I'm not sick at all. Sugar and orange juice sometimes irritate my throat, especially on an empty
The tickle is usually caused by a post nasal drip due to allergies or some other sinus alignment like a cold. The tickle can also be accomplanied with coughing or a sore throat. It
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A throat tickle is when one has an irritating itchy feeling on the inner lining of the throat. It is mainly caused by a viral infection that erodes the mucous ...
A constant dry cough can be caused by asthma, smoking, bronchitis, reflux disease, whooping cough, or allergies. Most dry coughs start with a tickle in the throat ...
There are several ways to stop a tickle in your throat. You can drink warm tea with honey as one way. Another way would be to gargle with warm water that has salt ...
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