How to Relieve Constipation in Newborn Puppies?


To help a constipated puppy, it is much like what you would do for yourself. First, eat normal. Then rub a warm washcloth in the anal region. Take the puppy outside, and congratulation them if they go.
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1. Make sure your puppy has access to plenty of water. Puppies can get dehydrated quickly and easily, and he must be able to drink water at all times. An exception to this is at night
Newborn puppies that are not being cared for by their mothers must be fed puppy formula until they can eat solid food. Provide them with plenty of water.
1. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of constipation in newborns. Any quick drawing-up of the legs, accompanied by a red faced grunting as baby attempts to have a bowel movement
toilet plunger.
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Newborn Puppy Constipation
Newborn puppies demand a lot of care and are fragile during their first weeks. Feeding, bathing and weaning all require sound technique and special care. Though it is rare for a puppy that is nursing to become constipated, it can happen. Whether the... More »
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