How do you construct a 135-degree angle?


A 135 degree angle is a specific geometric, obtuse angle. A protractor is undoubtedly the best way to correctly draw the angle, however if one can not be attained, other methods can be used. One of the best ways is finding an object that has an obtuse angle, or has the supplement of an acute angle. This will allow you to trace a rough guess of the angle, if you have good memory as to what a 135 degree angle looks like.
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Note that 135 = 90 + 45. So first construct a right angle, and then bisect the "back" half of it: Draw (horizontal) straight line XABConstruct the perpendicular bisector
1. a compass makes a circle, 360 degrees. 2. divide the circle in half with the straight edge, this line is 180 degrees. 3. use the edge to cut the circle in fourths, draw a line
1. Draw a straight line lengthwise across the middle of your sheet of paper, using the ruler as a straight edge. Then choose a spot on the line, about 4 inches from the edge of the
This can't be done (on the usual interpretation of "ruler & compass" construction) It is impossible. The proof of impossibility is far more advanced than the "elementary
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