How to Make Construction Paper Crafts?


There are a number of fun crafts that can be done to make dogs out of construction paper. Kids can start by tracing out the shape of a dog on a brown, white or black piece of construction paper. They can then add spots, a face and a mouth to complete the dog.
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1. Pass out square (not rectangular) pieces of heavy paper. Fold the square corner to corner to form a triangle and then fold the triangle in half again. Unfold. 2. Have the kids
Take your leaves and add at least a couple to each blossom. Glue the petals to the bottom of each blossom, placing it wherever you and your child decide it looks best.
Kids, with their boundless imaginations, can turn a bunch of decorative paper strips and scraps into artful designs. If you are hoping to be an art teacher or just want to be a generous
Hi. I believe that construction paper is made with regular paper pulp and they don't treat it for acid/lignin, and paper (craft or cardstock) is tested/treated so it won't hurt photographs
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