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Dr. Phil be contacted through phone, email or mail. To contact by phone, call 323.461.PHIL to make reservations for the show. The mailing address is 5482 Wilshire Boulevard #1902, Los Angeles, CA 90036. He may emailed directly through the show's website.
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1. Decide if the goal is to appear as as guest, leave a comment on a recent show, ask Dr. Phil a question or receive technical support on his website. Dr. Phil encourages viewers
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There is none in my opinion. He was brought to our attention during Oprah's Beef safety lawsuit in Texas and as a way of thanking him, he was given a show with Harpo prod. He has
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Dr. Phil can be contacted through his website. There is a contact page specifically designed for ease of use of his audience. Dr. Phil can be asked anything that relates to his subject of expertise.
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