How to Contest a Will in Probate in Texas?


In order to contest a will in probate in Texas, you need to get an attorney. You will not be capable of doing this yourself. You need to follow section 93 of Texan law.
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1. The first ground to contest in a will is improper execution. Is the will in writing? Was the will attested by two witnesses? Is the will signed by the testator? If the will does
In Canada, one has 6 months from the date that probate was granted in court to contest or apply to vary the will. Generally, you should check the return date in the notice you receive
When someone dies leaving a will the estate will usually go to probate. This means that those individuals named in the will as the deceased’s personal representatives will have
I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Your question raises a question in my mind: Why do you feel you will need to contest this will? If your mother lived in Colorado when she died, that
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How to Contest a Will in Probate
Every state allows people to decide how they want their property distributed when they die by drafting a last will and testament. These documents transfer legal ownership of the decedent's property through the probate process. Anytime a will is... More »
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