Contest Entry Form Template?


If you are hosting a contest, you can use templates to create entry forms. The templates will offer the ability to customize the information fields to make sure that all of the information you desire is available. Many templates offer an area where you can put the eligibility requirements, the entrant's name, contact information, and then the conditions of the contest. There are also simple templates that just take a person's name, email address, and then location to verify eligibility.
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This Contest CLOSED in July, 2009. Please do not submit photos for this contest after that date. If you wish to submit photos for one of the Show and Tell galleries for cats, please
The original medium will be film, 35 mm Fujifilm Acros 100, 120 Rollei IR film, 4x5 T-Max or digital. The print medium could be fiberbase, RC or other black and white print paper
Eric, I am going to assume you are using Publisher to create a web site form. Unless you use the Table feature to place object on the page everything is vertical. Use the table feature
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