Contour Core Sculpting System?


To use the countour core sculpting system you should flip the M2 stimulator over and slide off the battery compartment cover. If you are holding the stimulator with the label facing down and away from your body, pull the cover towards you with your fingers. Insert the batteries and replace the cover. Slide the clip into the holder that sits on top of the battery cover. The clip slides from the top downward.
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1. Shower your stomach and abdomen area, and make sure there is nothing on the skin to prevent the adhesion of the gel pads. Let your skin dry completely after washing. 2. Peel off
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$230.00 - eBay. The contour core system is a great way to get in shape! Have fun, be safe text us!!
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There really aren't a lot of customer reviews available on the Contour Core Sculpting System but the few available are mixed. The system has its pros and cons. ...
An operating system is the core of your computer. It is the core framework upon which the entire machine functions. It contours everything to its needs to run ...
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