Contractor Warranty Letters?


Contractors need to make sure they offer a warranty letter that is signed, and in many states, it is a requirement. In Oregon, the warranty letter is required on anything that will cost more than two thousand dollars to construct. The letter must include a statement that the contractor is licensed and the contractor's contact information must be on the contract, as does the customer's contact information. Also included on the letter are notices that are required, and then what the customer's rights are. There are checklists that a contractor can download to help them create a solid contract.
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1. Identify the letter's purpose in bold letters across the top of the page. Type "Letter of Warranty" at the top of the letter so that customers will notice the title immediately
Where to Find a Sample Letter You can find sample business letters at You aslo can find some sample letters at
Another word for warranties that is eight letters is contract,
A letter of warranty is normally an undertaking by a vendor to repair or replace the article bought within a specified time period (within 3 months, one year, 3 years etc) should
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