Controversial Art Topics?


Controversial art can be said to be a product of it's time because an art piece can be commonplace for one society while in another it is provoking and controversial. Example of recent times controversial art topics include, 'The Tilted Arc' by Richard Serra and 'The Physical Impossibility in the Mind of Someone Living' by Damien Hirst.
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Controversial topics include abortion, politics, religion, welfare, euthanasia, cloning, gangs, hate crimes, animal rights, capital punishment, and human rights.
1. Learn everything you can about the piece of art. If the artist is from a culture different from your own, consider the history and values of that culture. Read the artist's bio
: Because people have different views on the laws and circumstances surrounding suicide.
Is the only known portrait of William Shakespeare really him? How accurate are the later portraits of Elizabeth I. Are they simply an "idealized" view of Gloriana? Has the
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It can be difficult to deal with controversial art as it invariably offends some, and interests others. In order not to create too much controversy it is best ...
A controversial topic is an important policy or proposals on which conflicting views are held by large numbers of people. This can be in a school, community, and ...
Art is a very subjective matter, so it is natural that some people will find certain pieces of art offensive. Sometimes they may be able to adjust their perspective ...
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