How are convection currents related to density?


Density is the fraction between an element's mass and the capacity of space it occupies. Less dense air rises. Warm air rises; cold air sinks shows that warm air exhibits a greater density than cold air. The temperature drops to the point that leads to the formation of circular air currents known as convection currents.
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It is related by the grams that are measured by density.
Density is the mass of a substance per unit volume. Convection
The sun drives convection in the atmosphere and, to a lesser extent, in the oceans. Heated air rises in convection currents from the Earth's surface in columns called "thermals
Convection Currents affect earth by slowly moving the tectonic plates.
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Convection currents move a gas or a fluid from one place to another and are created when there are differences in density or temperature within that gas or fluid ...
Convection is the transfer of heat through currents (circular motion) in a fluid. The motion is a result of density and gravity. For example, convection is the ...
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