What Are Conventional Symbols?


A conventional symbol is similar to a universal symbol, since the meaning is easily understood. One example would be a pedestrian crossing sign. Another example would be a red stop sign.
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A conventional sign is the one which signifies something through the free institution. Most of them are man-made (not done by nature) Example, a flag is a conventional sign because
A conventional symbol is an arbitrary or conventional symbol used in musical notation
A conventional symbol is a symbol that has an understood or widely accepted interpretation. The heart, for example, is a conventional symbol of love. There are other conventional
If you mean conventional symbols as in standard and ordinary symbols rather than any other, then in chemistry they are used to represent atoms, elements, molecules and so on. Each
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A conventional sign is a sign that has a symbol that may not have a relationship to anything on the sign, but everyone knows what it means. An example of a conventional ...
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