Convert CC to HP?


To convert CC to HP, first you want to find out what the horsepower output is for the specific engine. Then, you want to divide the number of horsepower by the number of CC's in the engine. In high efficient cars, the number can be as low as one.
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1. Turn on the calculator. 2. Enter the CC number in the calculator. 3. Press the division sign. 4. Enter the number 15. 5. Press the equal sign. This converts CC to HP.
15 hp.
Horse power means power. Cubic centimeter means volume. Think is there any relation between power and volume of an engine?
When an HP turbo is replaced with another one, it can then make 450cc. ChaCha Away!
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How to Convert CC to HP
Units of horsepower (HP) measure power output, while cubic centimeter (CC) units measure volume. Since each is used to measure different things, there is no easy calculator for direct conversion, but there is a formula that you can use to convert CC to... More »
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A person can utilize a conversion table to convert CC to MPH. An individual should make sure they have the proper numbers. ...
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MM Means millimeter. On the other hand cc means cubic centimeter. There is no way to convert between the two of them because one is a unit of volume and the other ...
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