How to Convert Time Clock Hours.?


1. Write down the first time on the time card. This should have been your first clock in for the week, and there will be a letter next to the time denoting the day of the week. The time card time will be written as a decimal. It will have two digits
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For colleges and universities that operate on the semester system, one credit is 16 hours of class contact time. Thus, a three credit course requires 48 hours of class contact time
Credit hours are for the amount on time that you have spent in the class room and depending on the class it varies, most classes start at 3 and work their way up
1. Subtract the refrigerant fluid's temperature when it enters the heat exchanger from its temperature when it exits. For instance, if these temperatures are 53 degrees and 82 degrees
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Semester hours are the actual hours that was spent in that class. Credit hours are actually given to a class no matter how many hours the class. If you take a ...
How to convert credits to semester hours can vary depending on the system your school uses. Generally one semester hour is equal to one and a half quarter hours. ...
1. Count the number of classes you're taking during the current semester. If you're a full-time college student, you are probably taking either four or five classes ...
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