Convert Compression Ratio to PSI?


There is no true way to convert compression pressure to PSI, or pounds per square inch, because the engine is not a perfect environment. Theoretically, a 1:1 ratio in compression pressure is equal to zero PSI. However a 2:1 ratio is 14.7 PSI, so you should be able to divide the PSI by 14.7 to get the correct compression pressure ratio. Unfortunately, because engines run differently when hot or cold, and air may bleed out of the valves, the ratio cannot be guaranteed.
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A 1:1 ratio is equal to 0 PSI. 14.7 PSI is equal to a 2:1 ratio. Just multiply your ratio by 14.7 to get PSI, or divide PSI by 14.7 to get ratio. This is only in a perfect cylinder
1. Check the compression manually. Remove the spark plugs from the engine, then disable the ignition coil and hold the throttle open. Crank up the engine for a few seconds using a
Compression ratio is based on volume, and psi is a measure of pressure. Although they're related, they are not based on each other. You could fill bicycle tires and car tires to 35
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