How to Convert Degrees to Percent Slope?


The formula used for the conversion of degrees to percentage is 'Percentage = [ Tan ( Degrees ) ] x 100'. Conversely, this formula can also be used to convert percentage into degrees. Slope is then determined form the formula 'tan (10 degrees)'.
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1. Figure the tangent of the slope as measured in degrees with a calculator. For example, the tangent of a 40 degree angle would be 0.839099631. 2. Multiply the result by 100 to convert
Conventionally slope is (delta y)/(delta x) which is the tangent of the angle the slope makes with the x-axis. consider that, and thus assume a point relative to (0,0) where: x =
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For the sake of complete information: 1. In mathematics the slope or gradient is the tangent of the angle. So if your data is mathematical 1 in 75 represents an angle of arc-tan (
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The formula for converting percent slope to degrees is Degrees = Tan-1 (Slope Percent/100). A 10% slope is at 5.74 degree angle. A 100% slope is at 45 degrees. ...
Degrees can be converted to percent slope by using the tan function in a calculator. The exact process to convert degrees to percent slope is tan (insert degree) ...
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