How to Convert Degrees to Percent Slope?


The formula used for the conversion of degrees to percentage is 'Percentage = [ Tan ( Degrees ) ] x 100'. Conversely, this formula can also be used to convert percentage into degrees. Slope is then determined form the formula 'tan (10 degrees)'.
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1. Obtain an angle in degrees. For this example, let the angle by 40 degrees. 2. Calculate the tangent function of the angle with your calculator. For this example, the tangent of
Conventionally slope is (delta y)/(delta x) which is the tangent of the angle the slope makes with the x-axis. consider that, and thus assume a point relative to (0,0) where: x =
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For the sake of complete information: 1. In mathematics the slope or gradient is the tangent of the angle. So if your data is mathematical 1 in 75 represents an angle of arc-tan (
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