How do you convert degrees to percent slope?


Degrees can be converted to percent slope by using the tan function in a calculator. The exact process to convert degrees to percent slope is tan (insert degree) then multiply the result by 100 to obtain the percent slope. This gives the decimal equivalent of the degree slope.
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1. Divide the percent grade by 100. 2. Take the arctangent of this number using a scientific calculator. Your calculator may have an "atan" button, or you may need to press
"Percent Slope" is a representation that uses the ratio between the rise and run to describe the triangle formed. "Degree slope" is the measure of the angle formed
The equation to convert percents to degrees is degrees=arctan((percent
1 Know that π radians is equal to 180 degrees. Before you begin the conversion process, you have to know that π radians = 180°, which is equivalent to going halfway around
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