How can you convert English into Hindi?


The most efficient and reliable way to convert English into Hindi is by using a human translator with the assistance of computer assisted translation software. An alternative is to use machine translation on one of the free translation platforms such as Google Translate, Bing Translator or Babylon Translator.

Since automatic machine translations inevitably produce errors, computer assisted translation is an alternative that uses an interactive process between machine and human. The human translator is in control. Assisting software includes grammar checkers, spell checkers, search tools, concordances, terminology managers, project management software and translation memory tools with databases of segments of text. Computer assisted translation offers a means of spot-checking and modifying text that speeds up the work of a human translator, but does not replace it.

Automatic machine translations work very quickly if time is a factor. The software is also free or very cheap. If the material is confidential a human translator is not involved. However, machine translation devices are subject to error because they do not comprehend what they are translating. They do not take cultural or contextual nuances into account. They also have no option for the ambiguity that is often inherent in human speech. As a result, a machine translation is not reliable as the sole translation of an important text, but should be proofread afterwards by a human proficient in both languages.

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tum kaun ho?
1. Get an English-to-Hindi dictionary to help you with your studying. Hindi dictionaries are available online. 2. Take a class. Hindi classes are sometimes offered at local universities
sorry, i don't think there's a direct way to convert english to hindi, the only way i believe is to download an hindi version of that movie, from some certified site, i don't know
It is the normal way people talk here. People will use Hindi , English and also the local language of the city / state. So if they speak in English & Hindi it is the natural way
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