How do you convert keystrokes per hour to WPM?


Convert keystrokes per hour to words per minute by dividing keystrokes per hour by 250. According to Coleman Data Solutions, the approximate ratio between keystrokes per hour and words per minute, or WPM, is 250 to 1.

Coleman Data Solutions shows that 250 times the words per minute equals a typist's keystrokes per hour. This is because an average operator types for 50 minutes during a workday hour, and the average number of characters per typed word is five. Keystrokes per hour and words per minute are useful statistics for measuring the speed and accuracy of operators performing various types of data entry in the workplace.

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1. Measure your typing speed in KPH. You can do this with a typing program, an online typing test or by hand. 2. Divide your KPH by 60. The result is your number of keystrokes per
KPH / 300 = WPM, so about 27 WPM. Source(s) I just applied for a job and had to take a typing test. I typed 7950 keystrokes per hour and just had to do this conversion too. I looked
A good keystrokes per hour when using the number key pad is 1700. Those strokes per hour should increase with much practice, the more you learn the better the strokes will be.
10,000 is above average, though many employers will require 13,000 and more!'s_a_good_keystroke_...
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How to Convert Keystrokes Per Hour to WPM
You may measure your typing speed in many ways, including keystrokes per hour (KPH) and words per minute (WPM). This can cause headaches when you recorded your speed in KPH and need to know your speed in WPM. Because different words have different... More »
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