How is LB/HR converted to SCFH?


LB/HR is an acronym that stands for pounds per hour. SCFH is an acronym that stands for standard cubic feet per hour. When trying to convert pounds of mole per hour to standard cubic feet per hour, it is important to remember that one pound mole per hour is equivalent to 379.48 SCFH. So in order to convert pound mole per hour, the 379.48 should be multiplied by the number of pounds of mole in order to get the standard cubic feet per hour.
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1 scfh=1000btu.
379.48 SCF equals 1 lb-mole of any ideal gas. Since H2 is an ideal gas. it is a simple conversion: x lb-mol H2/hr * (379.48 SCF / 1 lb-mol) = y SCFH H2. (This is assuming that the
First you need to know the Molecular Weight of the material. lb/hr * lbmol/lb = lbmol/hr. Then use PV = nRT to get lbmol/ft^3. Most common "standard" condition is 60F and
MMSCFD to LB per HR. 1909.8. HR. LB. 520 R. 1. 1545.33FT - LB. LB R. 24HR. DAY. LB. (6 29)LB. MMSCF. 1,000,000SCF. DAY. 1.0MMSCF. FT. 144IN. IN. 14.7LB. HR. LB. O. O. MOL. MOL. 2.
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Conversion from hours to pounds is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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SCFM stands for Standard Cubic Foot per Minute. The S in SCFM means it needs to be measured at standard temperature and pressure. Pure oxygen at standard temperature ...
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