How can you converg mg to mEq?


To convert MG into MEQ you need to apply a certain formula. To convert the two of them, you need to use the formula mEq= mg/atomic weight * valence. This is a necessary conversion in chemistry.
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780 mg. 1491.0 mg of potassium chloride (which contains 781.960 mg of elemental potassium) Read more:
1. Establish the valence of the relevant ions by consulting a table of valence values. Multiply this value by the mass expressed in milligrams. For example, 20 mg of Al + that has
To convert 200 Meq of Potassium is equal to 7820 mg (milligrams)
Please consult your physician. I assume your husband needs the extra Potasium for his heart condition, but substituting Potassium Gluconate for Potassium Chloride might interfere
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