Convert Minutes to Hundredths?


To convert minutes into hundreds of hours, you can use a conversion. There are 60 minutes to an hour. By dividing that over 100, you get how many minutes there are in 100th of an hour.
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1. Determine the number of minutes that need to be calculated. There are 60 minutes in one hour in standard time (the 24-hour day cycle, with 60 minutes per hour) Reserve the full
Divide 60 by 100 and you get the fraction of a minute that equals 1/100 of an hour. Or 60 min X 60 seconds / 100 This formula will tell you that 1/100th of an hour is 36 seconds.
1 First, write down the number of minutes with the word 'minutes' next to it, like so (let X be any number of minutes): X minutes Ad 2 Let's write down how many minutes are in one
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How to Convert Minutes to Hundredths of a Minute
When turning in time cards or calculating time cards, employees and their employers frequently find themselves having to convert the number of hours and minutes worked to decimal time, calculated to the hundredths decimal place, or two places after the... More »
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