Convert Minutes to Hundredths?


To convert minutes into hundreds of hours, you can use a conversion. There are 60 minutes to an hour. By dividing that over 100, you get how many minutes there are in 100th of an hour.
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1. Determine the number of minutes that need to be calculated. There are 60 minutes in one hour in standard time (the 24-hour day cycle, with 60 minutes per hour) Reserve the full
Each second is (1 and 2/3) hundredths of a minute. If you have some number of seconds to convert, you have a choice: Option #1: Long division. Divide the (number of seconds) by (60)
Divide 60 by 100 and you get the fraction of a minute that equals 1/100 of an hour. Or 60 min X 60 seconds / 100 This formula will tell you that 1/100th of an hour is 36 seconds.
1. First, write down the number of minutes with the word 'minutes' next to it, like so (let X be any number of minutes) X minutes. Ad. 2. Let's write down how many minutes are in
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