How do you convert 385 milliliters to grams?


Converting 385 milliliters to grams requires knowledge of the liquid being measured, but if the liquid is pure water, the conversion is 1-to-1 making 385 milliliters 385 grams.

If any other liquid besides water is being measured, the density of the liquid must be taken into account as milliliters is a unit of volume and grams is a unit of mass. Once the density of the liquid is known, however, the conversion is a matter of simple multiplication. Identify the density of the liquid in grams per milliliter and multiply that by the number of milliliters to get the result.

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1. Enter the number of milliliters (385, in this case) into your calculator. 2. Touch the multiplication key. Enter "1" into your calculator. 3. Touch the "equals"
Not possible! A. gram. is a measure of weight, whereas. cc. means cubic centimeters, and. ml. means milliliters, both measures of volume. However, by definition, 1 cc of water at
Grams and milliliters measure different things. The gram is a unit of weight (or mass), while
You will need to also know the density. If you take the mass in grams and divide by the density you will get the volume in milliliters.
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Conversion from milliliters to grams is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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