Convert Molar to Millimolar?


Moles are a unit of measurement that are used by scientists to measure extremely small quantities, such as those of molecules. To convert molar to millimolar, you will need to first take the molar value to be converted and multiply that value by 1,000. Then, add the correct unit behind the result, which is mM for millimolar.
Q&A Related to "Convert Molar to Millimolar?"
1. Write the molar value you want to analyze. For example, 0.013 M. 2. Multiply the value by 1,000 using a calculator. For example, 0.013 x 1000 = 13. 3. Write the answer using the
milli is a prefix meaning 10[sup]3[/sup] so converting from a unit to a milli-unit is just a matter of multiplying by 10[sup]3[/sup] which is 1000. 1 molar = 1000 millimolar. 1 meter
molar means moles per liter so you dont need to worry about different volumes. so. number of moles = mass / molecular mass. firstly divide millimolar by 1000 to get into molar. so
Molarity x Liters of solution. We need the molarity of the solution you're
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