Convert MSWMM to Avi?


To convert MSWMM to MOV and AVI, launch Windows Movie Maker, open the MSWMM file and select the 'publish movie' option on file. In order to convert into AVI, key in a save name for your AVI and select 'DV-AVI (NTSC)' as the format and click the 'publish' button. For MOV files, select .MOV as the output file, then enter your email address in the text field and click the download link.
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1. Download and install Windows Movie Maker to your system if it’s not already installed. Movie Maker is a Windows-only software that can be downloaded for free at the Microsoft
you can use a very reliable program called free studio managerit is a file converter program and it's completely can choose from 20 applications.
Many users may wonder how they can convert Windows Movie Maker file (MSWMM) to other video format. Actually, A *MSWMM file is not a video file. It is a project file of Movie Maker
AVI file can be converted into VCD by using Video Authoring Software. Ulead Video Studio, Nero Vision, Cyberlink Power Producer are some examples.
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1. Download and install Windows Movie Maker onto your computer if you do not already have it installed. MSWMM project files cannot be opened in any other video-editing ...
In order to convert a MSWMM file to a WMV file, you just need a program that is capable of conversions. A program called Audacity can convert files. Unfortunately ...
1. Launch Windows Movie Maker from the “Start” menu. If you do not have Windows Movie Maker on your computer, download the program at the Microsoft ...
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