How do you convert Newton meters to foot-pounds?


A person can convert a Newton meter to foot-pounds by utilizing an energy converter. The Newton meters will be needed in order to determine the foot pounds. The conversion is typical in the electrical field.
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Definitions of Terms. A newton meter is the torque produced by a force of one newton being applied to a one meter-long moment arm, which is most easily envisioned as a spoke coming
100 Newton meters is equal to 73.76 foot-pounds of torque. Thanks for asking
To convert Newton-meters to Foot-pounds, multiply by 0.7375 To convert Foot-pounds to Newton-meters, multiply by 1.3558
Each foot pound is 1.3546 joules. Each Kg.meter is 9.8067 joules. So each Kg. meter is 7.23955 foot pound (divide 9.8067 by 1.3546) . Now if you multiply the 220-225 to 7.23955 you
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How to Convert a Newton Meter to Foot-Pounds
The dual use of the imperial and metric systems is more complicated than simply converting inches to centimeters or pounds to kilograms. It affects many scientific calculations that involve forces and distances. The newton meter and foot-pound are the... More »
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