How do you convert a Pagemaker file to PDF?


To convert Pagemaker files to PDF open the files. Then choose the export option. Now re-save the files but choosing the PDF format, then enter.
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1. Install all components of Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat properly before trying to convert your document. To complete the exporting process, you will need Acrobat Distiller,
how to download pagemakar to pdf converter.
Pagemaker to pdf… aside from print to file (pdf), should be able to export from file menu...
1. Download and open STP (Scan to PDF) a free software to convert scans and JPEG image files to PDF. (There are also several fairly expensive programs used for this purpose, including
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How to Convert Pagemaker File to a PDF File
You've finally perfected your graphic project in Adobe PageMaker. Now it's time to share that project. To get your document into the hands of everyone who needs it, convert it into a PDF. Unlike PageMaker files, PDF files are cross-platform files that... More »
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