How can I convert PS2 games into PC games?


PS2 games cannot directly be converted into PC games because they use a completely different set of hardware. There are emulator programs available which will allow a person to play the original games on a computer without converting them. Some PS2 or Sony PlayStation 2 games were designed to work on both platforms when they were first designed. This allows players to purchase separate copies of the game, but still play them on either platform.
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1. Download and install DVD Decrypter onto your computer (see Resources below). DVD Decrypter is a freeware program that allows you to create back-up ISO images. Click "Download
Nothing converts a PS2 game into a PC game. A PCSX2 emulator and the PS2 bios will allow some PS2 files to run in a PC as PS2 games.
sorry but you cant =~( Source(s): ps3 id cooljosh21
1. Insert the HDLoader disc into the PS2 optical disc drive and the program will start automatically. Select "Install" from the HDLoader main menu. A window will appear
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How to Convert PS2 Games to PC
It is possible to use converted PlayStation 2 games on your PC by using an emulator, which provides a virtual simulation program of your PlayStation 2. You can use it to play converted PS2 games on your computer, which are called "Roms." A few PS2... More »
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