How do you convert from SCFH to CFH?


SCFH stands for volumetric flow rate of standard cubic feet per hour. CFH stands for volumetric flow rate cubic foot per hour. CFH does not necessarily mean standard. Standard conditions refer to standard conditions of temperature and pressure. Actual cubic foot per minute is the volume of gas flowing anywhere in a system that is independent of its temperature and pressure. The terms are used in regards to gas flow rates. To convert SCFH to CFH you would use a formula of SCFH = X X CFHactual.
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379.48 SCF equals 1 lb-mole of any ideal gas. Since H2 is an ideal gas. it is a simple conversion: x lb-mol H2/hr * (379.48 SCF / 1 lb-mol) = y SCFH H2. (This is assuming that the
The flow rate of CFH does not convert into a pressure (or inches of water column WC) But all you have to do is call your gas company and ask them. It should be ok since 5" WC
110 - 130 Scfn is what in psi.
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