How do you convert from sexagesimal to decimal?


Sexagesimal is a numeral system where each unit is divided into 60 units of lower order. It is a 60 as its base. You can learn how to convert from sexagesimal to decimal and vice versa at
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You'll often find degrees given in decimal degrees (121.135°) instead of the more common degrees, minutes, and seconds (121°8'6"). However, it's easy to convert from
Divide by sixty. 27.500/60 = .45833. The 27.5' are called "minutes" because they represent 1/60 of a degree each. It's not a great name. The "minutes" are presumably
sorry, a typo in my code: i have chr(34)chr(34) but it should be chr(34)chr(39) so, correct code is: <cfset degrees_lat = (listlast(latitude, chr(34)chr(39)/60 + listgetat(latitude
Instructions. Perform the conversion using Unit Juggler website. Select "binary coded decimal" from the options given under "Starting unit." Select "decimal
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