How do you convert shortening amounts to butter amounts in a recipe?


You can use shortening in place of butter in some recipes. To convert shortening to butter, simply use the same amounts. This works in recipes like cookies and many desserts.
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Shortening and butter substitute 1:1. That is, use an equal quantity of one for the other.
1. Place butter or shortening on a kitchen table or countertop. Let it soften to room temperature. 2. Slice the butter or shortening into ¼-inch pats, and place it in the mixing
I'm assuming you're thinking mainly of pastry or pie crust recipes? I often make pastry with a food processor, but have also made it many times completely by hand. I cut the cold
1 cup of solid shortening is equivalent to 1c cups butter or
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To substitute shortening with oil is a 3 (oil) to 4 (shortening) ratio. For example, the recipe asks for 3/4 cup shortening you will need 1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon ...
Shortening can be used instead of butter, but it may change the texture and flavor of food or baked products. Shortening produces higher, lighter-textured baked ...
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