How do you convert a TST file?


A tst file is a Text Transform Script used for coordinating data. To convert a '.tst file to a '.doc' file, you can download a free converter that converts documents to a Microsoft .doc format. Some word processing programs allow you to change the type of document when you choose the save as option. If this is available, you can convert a tst file to a DOC file.
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1. Visit a website such as to convert your ZIP archive. 2. Click the button marked "Browse," and a browse window will appear. Use it to find your ZIP archive
1. Choose the files to convert. Click the "Add Files" for single videos or "Add Dir" for multiple videos. Find the AVI video files then select "Open."
1. Open your Web browser and go to one of these sites:,, or 2. Click the "Browse" button, and navigate to the PNG image
1. Download and install Need4 Video Converter 7.0 (see Resources). 2. Run the conversion program on the desktop. Select "File," then "Open" from the top menu bar
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