How do you convert a CSV file to a WAB file?


Converting a CSV file to WAB file is quite simple. You can do so with 'Outlook Express', an email program found on most computers. Simply click File on the top task bar menu within the program once you have opened it, and then click 'Import'. Select 'Other Address Book,' browse your hard drive to the CSV file, and then click 'Open'. The file will then be imported as a WAB within Outlook, and can be then exported as WAB as well should you need the physical file itself.
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1. Launch Outlook Express on your computer and log into your email. 2. Click the "File" menu. 3. Select "Import, then "Other Address Book. The Import feature allows
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Do this start->run type wab and press OK your .wab applicaiton will open. If that contain the address that you like to export to gmail then this is ok else from file menu import
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