How Many Teaspoons Whole Allspice How Many Teaspoons Ground Allspice?


When you convert whole allspice to ground spice, the content reduces. One teaspoon of whole allspice is an equivalent of an eight of a ground allspice teaspoon. There is a slight difference.
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1 Whole Allspice equals 1/8 tsp. Ground Allspice.
6 whole allspice berries = 1/4 to 1/2 tsp
I had this same question and I wondered about whole cloves too. I checked the Cooking A to Z book (California Culinary reference book used by their students) and couldn't find an
Try Penzey's spice store. They have an online store, but I could swear they have a location in Dallas. Check the online site for location. They sell a lot of whole spices like nutmeg
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