How do you convert a whole number to a percentage?


The easiest way to convert a whole number to a percent is to take the number and divide it by the relative number, the result should be multiplied by 100. Simple calculations can be done in your head. If you are calculating what percent of 100 the number 33 is, that is 33-percent. To calculate a specific number as being an odd percent, such as what percentage of 68-percent is 37, you would write a fraction as 68/37 and divide 37 by 68 to get your answer.
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1. Rewrite the percentage as a fraction by removing the percent symbol and dividing by 100. For example, 180 percent would be rewritten as the fraction 180/100. 2. Identify the greatest
If you have 50% you take the percent sign away so then it is 50. notice there is a decimal point after that you move the decimal two spaces to the right so its .5 or one half.
Write Your Numbers As A Fraction. The number you want to convert to a percentage will be the numerator (top number) and the other number will the the denominator (bottom number) Example
Since decimals are not whole numbers, the closest to a whole number you could
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