Converting from Oil to Gas Heat?


Oil boilers are used for heating in most of the older homes as opposed to gas boilers that are used in most modern homes. You can choose to convert from oil heat to gas heat because it is more cost effective an also environmental friendly. You are highly advised to hire an experienced professional to help you in oil to gas heat conversion in your home. You can also visit sites such as ehow and houselogic to view guidelines on how to convert oil to gas heat boilers in your home.
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1. Enter the number of gallons into your calculator. In this example we will use 250 gallons. 2. Press the multiplication key, then enter 8.34. This is the weight of a gallon of water
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Heating oil is typically not converted to electricity. It is burned in the furnace to create heat. Heating oil is less commonly used as an industrial fuel or for power generation.
Natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels. It is more
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