Converting Watts to Amps?


To convert amps to watts you will need to know the current amps and the voltage. The formula is amps equals watts divided by voltage. An example would be 3 amps is equal to 330 watts if the voltage is 110.
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Things You'll Need. Calculator. Instructions. Determine the voltage. North American wall outlets operate at 110 to 120 volts. Convert watts to amps using the proper equation: Amps
divide by volts.
3000 Watts is equal to 1000 amps.
Like a couple people have mentioned, you need th know the Voltage. V=W/A or A=W/V or W=AV The three possible formulas. Now I am assuming you are either using 110V or 220V. The 2 most
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The formula for calculating watts is W = V x A, where V equals volts and A equals amps.
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