Converting Watts to Amps?


To convert amps to watts you will need to know the current amps and the voltage. The formula is amps equals watts divided by voltage. An example would be 3 amps is equal to 330 watts if the voltage is 110.
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The conversion of Amps to Watts is governed by the equation Amps = Watts/Volts. For example: 3000 Watts is equal to 1000 amps. You cannot convert watts to amps, since watts are power
1. Determine the voltage. You can do the math if you know either watts or amps, but you need the voltage to do it. North American wall outlets operate at 110 volts, whereas those
1. Familiarize yourself with the quantities involved. To understand the relationship between watts and amps, you will need to understand 3 different units: watts, amps, and volts.
divide by volts.
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The formula for calculating watts is W = V x A, where V equals volts and A equals amps.
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You cannot convert watts to amps because watts are a unit of power and amps are units of coulombs per second. However, if you know at least two of the following ...
Watts are never equal to one AMP. Watts and AMPs are two different types of measurements. It would be like trying to convert miles to gallons. ...
Watts to amps calculator is a portable device used to check on the electricity consumption. To calculate amps from watts you need to first get the voltage and ...
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