Cook a Snapping Turtle?


The secret to cooking snapping turtle is to cook it slowly on low heat until it is tender. With that procedure, you can use the meat in almost any recipe. However, take steps to ensure that your dinner is procured legally, as there is a good deal of black market trade in turtles and turtle meat.
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1. Cut off the snapping turtle's head. Allow blood to drain into your sink until it has slowed considerably. Make sure to do this quickly if turtle is still alive. 2. Drop the entire
When cleanning a snapping turtle always handle it with care, by avoiding the tail end. Tools needed are a knife, grips, hammer and a chisel. Once you have the turtle out hit it in
like any other egg.
Alligator Snapping turtle are endangered in most areas of their range so I wouldn't be killing an eatiing them, as they might be the most expensive turtle you've ever eaten. Common
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The snapping turtle is found in shallow lakes, ponds, and streams in North America. Snapping turtles have been known to live for up to 47 years. It is not recommended ...
Baby snapping turtles will eat anything that they can get into there mouth. They can eat worms, nightcrawlers, and cooked meat. They should never eat raw meat. ...
The common snapping turtle is a large freshwater turtle that belongs to the family Chelydridae. Its natural range broadens from southeastern Canada, southwest ...
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