Cook Crack Cocaine in Microwave?


To cook Crack Cocaine in the microwave, you have to mix baking soda, water, and cocaine in a glass baking dish. Microwave your mixture for five to ten seconds, until oily. How long you cook the cocaine depends on how much you mix; if your mixture is not oily, continue putting the mixture into the microwave on five second intervals until it is done.
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Crack is made by cooking cocaine powder with baking soda. It got its name because it
mix the cocaine into water will a pinch of baking soda in a spoon, put the lighter under the spoon until it comes to a boil, take a penny and scrape off the top layer repetidely until
Not Legal Advice: Crack is a purified form of cocaine. It's illegal and harmful. Best thing to do is not make it!
It depends on the area you are in and what the street value would be. Where are you? Source(s) I am an optician. O^O.
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Cocaine is usually cooked into crack by heating it with water and baking soda on a spoon. The water and baking soda react with the cocaine in such a way that the ...
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