Cooking on a Glass Top Range?


There are a few rules that should be followed when cooking on a glass top range. Pots, pans, and other items placed on the top of the stove should be set down carefully. The glass top of the range is subject to crack or break if items are set down ungracefully. Also, pots or pans with rough bottoms can scratch or damage the glass top. The glass top must also be cleaned with a range cleaner that has been specially developed for this type of glass. This will also help prevent damage overall.
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1. Place an iron-based pot on the burner, centering it in the circle. It doesn't matter if the pot is smaller than the area because the burner's surface will remain cool, even when
I just made JiffyPop on my glass top stove with absolutely no problem whatsoever even though the directions say not to. And, I didn't scratch the glass because I didn't let it hit
I have the same range, and like you, experienced some similar problems. The Le Creuset cast iron cookware will work, so will genuine Farberware products, and the quality pots and
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