Cool Christian Band Names?


A cool name for a Christian band should be modest, but pique the interest of those who enjoy the genre, such as Auxiliary Angels, Jesus Jones, and Christ is Lord. A band should be unique, yet easy to remember. A band name may also feature a meaningful phrase, Christian reference, or a created word. The band name should also be fairly easy to pronounce and reflect the style of music that is played by the band overall.
Q&A Related to "Cool Christian Band Names?"
What do you think of "He Reigns" Thanks and keep asking ChaCha!
well i know a really good name for this question. ummmm it is i rock like everyone in the world.
A few friends and I are starting a christian band, but it's going to be more on the Rock side. Were looking for a name, there's 2 girls and 1 boy. Update : Just wanted to inform you
Most likely SEO and uniqueness. Mastercraft could be anything. There is only one MSTRKRFT though!
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