Cool Crafts to Make?


Crafts are a fun thing to do at home which require few, if any, additional items be purchased. Some cool crafts include origami, a life collage, dying t-shirts, and making jewelry. Many people become so proficient with their crafts that they end up selling their works for a profit. Crafts can be done individually, as part of a family, or among large groups of friends. By expressing one's creative side, they can begin to understand who they really are.
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1. Paint the backs and the inside rims of two heavy-duty paper plates and one heavy-duty paper bowl, with an acrylic paint color of your choice. These make up the body of your spaceship
1 Light your candle. Make sure you don't burn yourself. Ad 2 Let it sit for about ten seconds. 3 When a small puddle of wax forms hold the candle carefully and pour some little drops
Kids will love learning how to make a gingerbread house that they can use year after year. It makes a great classroom project or a great craft for the boredom blues. The decorating
1. Cut apart several egg cartons to collect the pointed pieces between the cups, shaping the pointed pieces as you cut to look a bit like a trumpet flower or a morning glory. Cut
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