Cool Names for Youth Groups?


There are several cool names for youth groups that normally makes use of acronyms. Some examples of cool names for youth groups would be 'LEGO-Learning & Experiencing God in Others'; and 'SWITCH- Sundays, Wednesdays In The Church Hall'. Other cool youth names would be 'Atomai' and 'FLY-Faith Lutheran Youth'.
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1. Schedule a meeting with the group members when attempting to pick a new group name. Have the members send you a list of words prior to the meeting that describe the group. The
My youthgroup in high school was The Rock (Christ is our Rock) and Jr. High was
Try "Adroit" to be a youth group name! Meaning of Adroit: Skillful and adept under pressing conditions. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 01:01PM
That depends entirely on context and purpose. Usually the youth will respond best to being asked what they want as a group name.
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