Cool Party Names?


There are many different and cool party names one can use. These names may differ depending on the type of party. Some names include: Mardi Gras Carnival, A Fiesta Feast, and Viva Las Vegas.
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Most people create screen names to reflect themselves, what they like, or favorite colors. If you are a woman and live in Georgia, you might use the name Georiga-peach, the list goes
Make sure and invite as many of your friends as you can. The more the merrier, as they say. Having as close to an even ration of guys:girls is always good too, so neither gender feels
1 Find a good spot to hold the party. Set some areas of the house off-limits, such as parent's bedrooms, sibling's,etc. It should be an interesting area, safe, and big enough for
How about: Sluggers House of Spirits, The Wet Whistle, A Cocktail Salute, The
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