What is the significance of cool signatures?


Cool signatures can create a more interesting look than normal signatures. A person can practice their signature until it has the look that they are going for. Once they have signed their name in that style enough times, it will come easier and quicker. Cool signatures can be studied to give people ideas for their own signature and how they want to incorporate certain styles or special characters in to it. Flashy lines underneath or above certain letters can give a signature a more unique look and may be considered cool by others who view it. Hearts or smiley faces are also commonly added to signatures.
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1. Study the signatures of famous people. Go online and type in "signatures of famous people. Look for resemblances between their personality and their signatures. Anna Koren
1. Get a piece of paper and write your normal signature. for the beginners; using pencil will be a good choice for better signature. What do you like about it? What needs work? Do
Mir Se Vini.
Just put your name since the signature takes up space that you can use to write
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How to Get a Cool Signature
A signature says a lot about you as an individual, so it is worthwhile to spend time working on making one that makes a statement. According to Elaine Quigley, the Chair of the British Institute of Graphologists -- another word for handwriting experts --... More »
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