Cool Softball Team Names?


Cool names for a softball team can be created by the team manager, the players, or even the sponsors. Depending on the rules of the league, the sponsor's name may have to be involved in the name. Other rules may dictate that the school or town name has to be part of the softball team name. For leagues with less strict rules, cool names can consist of anything from random words, colors, animals, or whatever the players decide on. The name should not be longer than two or three words placed together. Longer names will not fit on the uniforms as easily and may be confusing for others.
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thunder. rockers. fire balls. warriors. pythons. hatrick heros. blaze. spartans. cheetas. wild cats. hope this was helpful!
Name ideas include, Blue Crew, Apaches, Arrows, Extreme, Edge, Galaxy, Fury,
Bier Dawgs.
How about the the Killer Bees? ChaCha!
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